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zendough.com: Bringing Calm to Financial Chaos in the New Year

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - January 5, 2010) - The economic turmoil of the past year has frustrated even the most financially savvy people and caused most to look for new ways to manage their personal finances. Fortunately, consumers can start the new year making peace with their money at zendough.com -- the first product ever to combine a consumer's credit reports and score, debt management tools and identity theft protection into one place, in a unique, at-a-glance format.

zendough.com by TransUnion is an interactive tool that organizes an individual's key financial information into a clear-cut, customized snapshot. Rather than overwhelming consumers with vast amounts of data, zendough.com provides members with personalized analysis and advice coupled with a user experience that delivers a sense of control and calmness.

"We listened to what consumers said they needed to better take control of their finances," said Heather Schneider, education director for zendough.com. "They want simplicity, proactivity and control -- and that's what zendough.com provides."

zendough.com was launched by TransUnion Interactive, the consumer subsidiary of national credit bureau TransUnion, which maintains credit histories on an estimated 500 million consumers across the globe. As a result, consumers can be confident in the safety and security of the information they provide to and receive from zendough.com.

zendough.com provides:


-- A dashboard snapshot of an individual's credit and account data,
financial goals, and an ID theft risk assessment -- all in one place --
making it easy for busy individuals to stay on top of their personal
finances with a quick glance.

-- A customized credit standing analysis -- including a simple letter
grade and the six secrets that make up a member's personal credit score.

-- An ID Risk Score provides consumers with an understanding of their
risk for identity theft. In addition to credit monitoring, members can feel
secure knowing that zendough.com monitors their risk for identity theft by
scanning billions of records for the use of their personal information.

-- Personal white-glove ID restoration service provides members with
direct access to a zendough.com Case Manager who will help remove
fraudulent information from your credit report and contact creditors to
close fraudulent accounts and credit bureaus to add fraud alerts.

As with many New Year's resolutions, personal financial management requires dedication and ongoing practice. zendough.com makes it simple for consumers to take an important first step and from there pursue a path for success. More information and a free trial are available now at www.zendough.com.

About zendough.com

Through a suite of easy-to-use tools, tips and resources, zendough.com helps consumers gain better control of their finances and guides them to making peace with their money. zendough.com offers credit reports, a credit score and grade, identity theft protection and a summary of debt accounts, all designed to awaken members to their financial situation and provide them with the wisdom to achieve their financial goals. zendough.com is a direct-to-consumer product of Chicago-based TransUnion Interactive, a subsidiary of TransUnion, a global leader in credit and information management which maintains credit histories on an estimated 500 million consumers across the globe.

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