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TransUnion’s Prama Wins 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Award

Prama recognized with the Analytics Innovation Award in the Financial Research and Data Category

TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) is pleased to announce that Prama®, a self-service analytics platform, has received a 2020 FinTech Breakthrough Award. The industry-leading solution was recognized with the “Analytics Innovation Award” in the Financial Research and Data category, surpassing over 3,750 different nominations.

Prama offers lenders seamless access to industry insights to make better decisions and operationalize those decisions more effectively. The solution includes anonymized information on virtually every credit active consumer in the U.S and turns data into insights, becoming the lending industry’s first platform to enable real-time integrated action.

“Prama is a versatile information platform that seamlessly puts the power of TransUnion’s extensive and robust set of data at lenders’ fingertips,” said Jason Laky, executive vice president of financial services at TransUnion. “Prama was designed with the lender in mind to make it as easy as possible to drive self-service analytics and model development with real-time capabilities. This enables lenders to get to market faster and visualize, explore, evaluate, shape and act on consumer data and insights in innovative new ways.”

First unveiled in early 2016, the solution allows financial institutions to quickly analyze customer performance and benchmark against the industry and their peers. Prama’s advanced analytics capabilities harnesses massive underlying data assets, including expanded access to 19 years of raw tradeline data. Prama also offers lenders better portfolio analysis to identify opportunities for growth while still balancing risk. As a result, lenders have access to on-demand consumer credit insights that can translate into clear consumer benefits at every touchpoint.

“Faster access to more data and analytics helps differentiate us in a highly competitive market,” said Ashish Gupta, chief credit officer at Prosper Marketplace. “TransUnion and their innovative Prama solutions have become a trusted partner for Prosper as we continually evolve our marketing and underwriting strategies to better serve our customers and fulfill our mission to advance financial well-being.”

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