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TransUnion Analytics helps leaders in the vehicle financing industry manage risk

  Johannesburg, South Africa - TransUnion Analytic and Decision Services have recently implemented a comprehensive risk management solution for the vehicle financing industry. The customisable solution comprises of a series of sophisticated customised Bureau Credit Characteristics scorecards. The scorecards can be used in various combinations to assist companies in the industry to maximise acquisition strategies, while effectively managing associated risk levels.

Credit characteristics are an advanced set of aggregated variables that represent data found in South Africa's credit reports. These credit characteristics enable TransUnion to develop specific risk scorecards for a customer segment, product or industry, which can be combined to define and implement business rules and policies throughout the customer lifecycle. This particular solution, for the vehicle financing industry, utilises scorecards based on new applications and repeat business information, enabling the industry to precisely target both stages in the customer's lifecycle.

Clients who have implemented the solution include the leading vehicle financing organisations. This advanced solution has contributed significantly when consumers wish to finance a vehicle.

Dr. Mohammed Razzak, Executive Director: Analytics, from TransUnion Analytic and Decision Services (ADS) comments: "The risk management solution is designed to maximise market share in a targeted and sensible manner whilst managing risk optimally. It has given companies greater control over the account origination process and provides them with a competitive edge in that it is very predictive, a significant advantage in the current economic conditions."

TransUnion Analytic and Decision Services have been building comprehensive risk management solutions for the vehicle financing industry since 1989.

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