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TransUnion Analysis Finds 400,000 Canadians Could Move Into Top Credit Risk Group

New CreditVision® Risk Score to Benefit Thousands of Consumers

A new TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) analysis released today found that approximately 400,000 more Canadians would be classified into the highest-rated consumer credit risk group, when evaluated using TransUnion’s CreditVision® risk score.

Compared to the use of a traditional risk score, CreditVision enables more accurate assessment of consumer credit worthiness, increasing the number of consumers in the SuperPrime risk category by well over 9%. Consumers in this risk group are typically eligible for better rates and terms on credit products, enabling substantial savings - in some cases thousands of dollars - over the course of a loan.

“Taking our call to action – Information for Good – to heart, we developed a new solution that will equally benefit both Canadian lenders and consumers. Most lenders rely heavily on credit risk scoring to determine the best products and pricing for applicants, and TransUnion is leading the charge in making sure consumers get the credit they earned.”
Todd Skinner, president of TransUnion Canada

The analysis also found that approximately 10% more Canadian consumers will receive a credit score via CreditVision as compared to a traditional scoring model. These consumers were previously unscorable and therefore did not have easy access to credit. “This is significant information for consumers – even if many have relatively high credit risk – because it now gives them an opportunity to be considered for new loans,” said Skinner.

TransUnion’s CreditVision scores enhance lending decisions by leveraging an expanded view of credit data on each consumer that includes up to 24 months of historical information on each loan account. This history, along with the use of actual payment amounts, enables deeper insight into consumer behaviour, not captured in any traditional risk scores today.

To date, two of the top five banks in Canada have already used CreditVision algorithms with another bank utilizing the newly created score.

“As more lenders adopt CreditVision data and risk scores in their lending decisions, we believe consumers will gain greater access to loans and lower interest rates on their mortgages, auto loans and credit cards while lenders will be able to confidently build positive relationships with attractive populations,” said Skinner.

More information about CreditVision can be found at the following website:

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