14:35 PM

Recap: TransUnion Joins Bankrate's #CreditCrew Tweetchat

On July 13, TransUnion participated in Bankrate's #CreditCrew chat on Twitter to share insights about credit scoring, credit reports and managing finances. TransUnion was joined by Equifax and Experian for the chat. Consumers and other experts were invited to participate in the chat and ask questions.

Here are some of the questions TransUnion addressed:

Q: How often should you check your credit reports and where can you get it?
A: Check report at least once per year. It’s free at & allows you to get a free report every 12 months. offers free reports from @TransUnion, @Experian_US and @Equifax.

Q: What are some if the biggest credit myths you’ve heard?
A: My income is part of my credit score – FALSE!

Credit report and score are the same thing – FALSE! Remember your credit report is a collection of your credit history; your score is a numeric interpretation of that data.

To find more of the credit tips from the #CreditCrew, visit the #CreditCrew Storify for every question and answer from the chat.