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New TransUnion Vehicle History Score Powered by CARFAX(R) Helps Insurers Predict Future Loss Ratio

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - May 11, 2011) - TransUnion has developed an innovative risk assessment score designed to help insurance carriers predict the potential for future losses on vehicles. The TransUnion Vehicle History Score was developed in partnership with CARFAX and uses vehicle-specific information to help carriers improve their policy risk assessment processes.

"The partnership between TransUnion and CARFAX allows insurers to improve their pricing and underwriting results in the ever-competitive auto insurance industry," said Geoffrey Hakel, group vice president in TransUnion's insurance business unit. "We believe our unique score is particularly helpful because it combines TransUnion's analytics capabilities with the most comprehensive vehicle history database in North America provided by CARFAX."

During the rating process, the TransUnion Vehicle History Score allows carriers to further segment risk based on the vehicle's history (e.g. number of owners, odometer reading, and vehicle condition). This allows carriers to offer more competitive rates, while managing their risk. The score also is beneficial during the underwriting process enabling insurers to better assess the risks of the specific vehicle being underwritten. Additionally, the score can help carriers determine risk-tier placement or determine eligibility for more aggressive down-payment options.

The TransUnion Vehicle History Score returns a numerical score of 150-950 within an average of two seconds of the request. Insurers only need the VIN for a vehicle from 1981 or later upon input. The score is based on predictive characteristics, including: ownership, accident and repair history.

The CARFAX database contains over 8 billion records and data from more than 34,000 data sources, including: every U.S. and Canadian motor vehicle agency, fire and police departments, collision repair facilities and fleet management and rental agencies.

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