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Mortgage Risk Metrics Integrates Loan-Level and Borrower-Level Data With Predictive Analytics Directly Into INTEXcalc(TM)

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2014) - TransUnion has partnered with Digilant Analytics to provide INTEXcalc subscribers with the new Mortgage Risk Metrics(SM) Non-Agency solution, combining the power of borrower-level credit data, loan-level mortgage data and predictive analytics.

"Using loan-level and borrower-level data to evaluate non-agency residential mortgage backed securities is resource intensive, and its complexity traditionally put it beyond the reach of most market participants," said Richard Francisco, vice president of mortgage in TransUnion's financial services business unit. "With the new Mortgage Risk Metrics solution, the information and analytics are now readily available to INTEXcalc subscribers."

The Mortgage Risk Metrics(SM) solution integrates TransUnion's anonymized consumer credit data (including VantageScore 2.0®, number of mortgage inquiries, and debt-to-income ratio, among others) with loan level mortgage data and Digilant's predictive analytics directly into INTEXcalc, to provide a familiar and intuitive analytics framework for non-agency RMBS traders, analysts and portfolio managers.

"There are advantages of having the loan-level and borrower-level analysis done for you," said Phillip Daskevich, president and chief analyst of Digilant Analytics. "Our model outputs are directly integrated with INTEXcalc as loan-level forecasts and are updated every month, including Prepay Rate, Default Rate, Delinquency Rate, Severity Rate and Modification Rate.

"For RMBS market participants, this is truly a product that puts the power of loan-level consumer credit data, mortgage data, and predictive models at your fingertips; subscribers simply load a bond and select a TransUnion forecast model. Leveraging the combined power of borrower-level credit data, loan-level mortgage data, and predictive analytics is easy and invaluable," said Daskevich.

Daskevich said the key benefits of Mortgage Risk Metrics (MRM), include:

  • Quickly runs daily offerings & BWICs using MRM as the common yardstick to easily evaluate relative value

  • Run portfolios using MRM to discover bonds with latent or hidden performance issues exposed by borrower-level credit data

  • Evaluates low loan-count bonds with greater confidence using borrower-level credit data

  • Provides an integrated, informed and invaluable second opinion on bond performance at less than the cost of a desk analyst

  • Allows user to view anonymized loan-level borrower credit data directly in INTEXcalc. 

Mortgage Risk Metrics is available to INTEXcalc subscribers through a separate subscription with TransUnion. Mortgage Risk Metrics is available for around $4,000 per month (less than the cost of many desk analyst positions) during the current promotional period that ends November 9. For additional information, please contact Richard Francisco of TransUnion's capital markets group at 312-985-2437 or rfranci@transunion.com

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