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Free Consumer Credit Videos, Quizzes at TransUnion.com Focus on Key Aspect of Personal Finance: Managing Credit Health

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwire - February 9, 2010) - TransUnion, a global leader in credit and information management wants to help U.S. consumers get a better handle on how credit works, when they have access to it, and what their part is in that process. To do so, the company has introduced a credit education video series on its U.S. website entitled "Understanding Your Credit." The series features 5 topically-based segments, knowledge quizzes for each segment and informational links to related content at TransUnion.com. The videos can be accessed free of charge from that home page or directly at www.transunion.com/creditvideo

"The current economic climate has consumers more focused than ever on their credit standing, yet we're seeing that there's quite a bit about how credit works and the role individuals can play in keeping their own credit in good standing that many people just don't understand," said Mark Marinko, TransUnion President of Consumer Services.

After viewing a brief introduction, consumers can either let the full video program play straight through or opt to pause between segments in order to take brief credit literacy quizzes covering the content they've just watched. The quizzes provide feedback as well as a letter grade based on the knowledge consumers demonstrate about each section. A built in "share" feature makes it easy to invite others to view the material at their convenience. The five topical segments covered in the series are:

-- Credit Reporting and How Credit Works

-- Seven Steps to a Healthier Credit "Core"

-- Ensuring the Accuracy of Your Three Credit Reports

-- Fraud and Identity Theft

-- Credit Scores

"TransUnion has created a solid primer for a broad spectrum of consumers struggling through an economic crisis rooted, to a great extent, in financial illiteracy," said John Hope Bryant, Operation HOPE Founder, Chairman and CEO, Vice Chairman, U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy and author of the new bestselling book, LOVE LEADERSHIP. "The video series promotes understanding and transparency around the key areas of credit -- what it is, how it impacts our lives -- and ultimately provides the kind of knowledge that can help families better navigate today's complex financial world."

A DVD version of the videos is also available upon request to groups seeking credit education-focused presentation materials for large audiences.

"We've tried to put ourselves in consumers' shoes," added Marinko. "What would we want to know about how credit works, and how would that knowledge help each of us better achieve our own personal life goals?"

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