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Business Owner And Former Professional Football Player, Dhani Jones, Hosts Financial Health Digital Campaign – The Game Plan – To Guide Americans Toward A Strong Financial Future

CNN’s Courageous Studios, In Partnership With VantageScore Solutions, TransUnion And American Express, Launch Campaign To Help Americans Financially Impacted By Covid-19 ; The Game Plan Anthem Video:

Courageous Studios, brand studio for CNN, in partnership with credit score model developer VantageScore Solutions, TransUnion and American Express, today announced the launch of a new, branded content campaign focused on financial health. The campaign provides tips and advice to help people navigate the financial challenges brought on by the pandemic.

The pandemic has impacted millions of people across the country. In fact, 57% of Americans continue to be affected financially by COVID-19, according to TransUnion’s Financial Hardship study. One in five consumers who have been impacted by the pandemic have lost their jobs, and a similar percentage report they don’t know how they will pay their bills and loans.

“The Game Plan” – hosted by Dhani Jones, former professional football player and business owner – aims to address the need for clear and actionable advice to help people manage pandemic-related financial hardships. In this five-part video series, Dhani bridges Main Street and Wall Street, discussing topics like debt management and saving for retirement, to managing finances in times of crisis and investing in the future.

In each episode, Dhani connects financial experts with Americans across the country to talk about how the pandemic has impacted them - both personally and financially - and formulate a “game plan” to help navigate the unprecedented impacts caused by the pandemic. The series utilized Courageous Studios’ sophisticated remote production capabilities to film the series in a safe way, using 15 cameras per episode to capture dynamic footage across various locations.

“Like so many Americans, I got knocked down in 2020. Even with expertise in entrepreneurship and investing, it’s proven difficult,” said Jones. "Despite the challenges, my career has taught me the power of perseverance and resilience, and most importantly, community.”

Distributed across digital and social platforms on CNN and CNN Business, the campaign includes Courageous Studios’ documentary-style videos and interactive digital assets to provide far-reaching audiences with actionable guidance to help guide them to stronger financial futures. Courageous Studios is part of WarnerMedia’s ad sales division.

People looking to better manage their overall financial health can tap into MyCredit Guide, American Express’ popular credit score tool powered by TransUnion, which is featured in the series. MyCredit Guide offers Score Goals, a capability to help U.S. consumers, even those who are not American Express Card Members, take steps to improve their VantageScore® 3.0 credit score.

The first in-depth episode features Santa Fe public artist, Jessica Ortiz. After years of credit-building and saving, Jessica bought her first home right before the pandemic hit. With cancelled projects, little to no new income and depleted savings, she feared the loss of her new home. Ortiz and Jones connect with Yanely Espinal, a financial educator based in New York City, to discuss avoiding foreclosure, cementing a stable credit score and building positive financial habits. Vibrant scenes of Ortiz’s Santa Fe home, heritage and art illuminate the scenes of the story.

“‘The Game Plan’ series tackles the challenges we all face — improving credit health, investing for the future and managing debt — in a relatable, educational and heartwarming way with real stories from individuals and families,” said Barrett Burns, president and CEO of VantageScore Solutions. “We are proud to stand alongside TransUnion and American Express to provide clear and actionable suggestions when people need it most.”

To learn more about the campaign and to access financial resources from VantageScore Solutions, TransUnion and American Express, visit

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