12:10 PM

Buildium Introduces Comprehesnive and Affordable Tenant Screening Solution Through TransUnion

Boston — Premiere online property management software company Buildium, LLC today announced an agreement with TransUnion, one of the country’s three major credit-reporting companies, to provide landlords and property managers with access to the same tenant screening technology typically available to the nation’s largest property management companies.

“Our partnership with TransUnion gives landlords and property managers access to one of the industry’s most comprehensive criminal and credit background databases,” says Michael Monteiro, partner and co-founder of Buildium, LLC. “Through a secure easy-to-follow process, landlords can get the information they need to make an informed decision and prospective tenants can have peace of mind that their information is protected.” 

Integrated into Buildium’s user-friendly online property management software, this new tenant screening feature allows customers to run background checks on prospective tenants directly from the Buildium program. Once an applicant’s identity is verified by TransUnion through a self-initiated, secure online process, results and recommendations are then relayed in real-time to the landlord through Buildium’s interface.  

“TransUnion’s goal is to make tenant screening accessible to landlords and property managers of all sizes as well as respecting the privacy of consumer applicants,” says Kristen Hillier, senior manager with TransUnion Rental Screening Solutions. “With Buildium’s technology and integrated platform, we are bringing actionable data to the rental community at a time when it is most needed due to the dynamic nature of the economy.”

For more information on Buildium’s property management software, please contact Chris Martel at 617-848-9573 x502 or via email at press@buildium.com. You can also visit the company’s website at www.buildium.com.

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